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12 May

Tourists on a similar safari in South Africa recently discovered why you don’t approach a wild lion during feeding time.

In a terrifying video, the tourists cower in terror after stopping to take snaps of the angry wild cat.

She finally reached the front of the stage and fell down from the cycle.

After conversing with the audience and throwing candy at them.

Tickets for the first show were made available to members of Madonna's official fan club, Icon, and were non-transferable, with the person's name printed on them.

The first show of Tears of a Clown started four hours late, with the delay being caused by Madonna rehearsing.

Tickets were expensive, and the auctioned items included Madonna's tour dress and wedding photographs, as well as paintings that she owned.

Madonna had last toured in Australia in 1993 with The Girlie Show World Tour, her fourth concert tour.

Before arriving in Australia, Madonna announced an extra show on March 10, 2016, at Melbourne's Forum Theatre.

During her promotional appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in April 2015, Madonna confessed that she is a "kind of closet comedian" and did a skit on the show; she added, "I always do extravaganzas, they always cost a billion dollars to make ... and sometimes I dream about simplicity." I've had this idea in my head for this show Tears of a Clown which is a combination of music and storytelling.

Because at the end of the day I do think of myself as a story teller. According to newspaper reports, the tickets were non-transferable, and had the person's name printed on them.

Madonna refuted reports of her being drunk on stage, calling them false and sexist.

She revived the show on December 2, 2016, performing at Miami's Faena Forum as a benefit gala, to auction memorabilia and raise money for her Raising Malawi charitable foundation.