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Bright yellow urine spurted messily from Becky's piss hole soaking the seat of her chair and filling the room with the stale smell of fresh pee. " He withdrew the slim blade, pinched her other plump nipple, lifted and went to work on her other tit. She gasped as he pulled the blade back out, working the tip agonizingly. Being trapped in a room with an ultra-violent maniac made her heart feel huge as it hammered painfully in her chest. Outside, Loretta and Margaret, two Assistant Managers, were leaving for the day. Utterly shameless lesbo sluts." Loretta grinned and gave Margaret a wink. You want a hot little secretary of your own and a private office to enjoy her in! He put his arm around her shoulder and licked the tears from her face. Love the salty taste of a sweating, teary-eyed babe! " Becky nodded emphatically, obviously eager to see Lillith sweat. She untucked the blouse and pulled her arms from the sleeves placing the blouse neatly on the desk next to her navy blue jacket. It would be a shame to damage such beauty." Nikki caved in. They watched the conflicting emotions ripple across her pretty face as she tried to come up with something to say that would magically extricate her from her desperate predicament. "Having trouble thinking up a convincing lie, senorita? The captain adjusted the dials of the Zap-Tek Super Shocker 6000, controlling the voltage, amperage, duration and wave pattern of the shocks.

It also ground Lillith hard as she realized how serious a maniac she was faced with. The cleaning staff is probably quite familiar with cleaning up bodily fluids from this room! Making eyes at each other all day and having a shower together in the middle of the afternoon! Smedley cut Lillith's flex-cuffs and sat next to Becky. She stepped out of her high heels and unbuttoned her blouse. "Perhaps the lovely senorita would like to tell us all about it. The soldiers watched eagerly as her sweating, naked body squirmed and wriggled delectably on the bar on the bar, as frantic and desperate as a worm that feels the first prick of the fishhook. The grinning soldiers watched as she vainly tried to flinch away from his large squeezing hands and strong, probing fingers. A copper wire was attached to the big toe of each of Nikki's slim shapely feet.

" Becky looked at Lillith adoringly, the perfect suck-up underling. " Chapter 4 - Smedley Busts a Bitch As soon as Smedley stepped into the office and introduced himself, he smelled cunt. " Smedley spread his hands in a man-of-the-world gesture guaranteed to irritate ball-busting dykes. When it got too bad, a filthy towel was scrubbed between her legs to clean up some of the sticky mess as she was pumped full of scum by one soldier after another. A few simple techniques sufficed to keep lovely Nikki lively during the entire gang bang.

" "At least I could breath when I was licking dick! "You have a problem with sticking your pretty face into a wet, smelly swamp and then struggling to breath through the waves of cunt juice? " Behind him, Becky did some quite elaborate eyeball-rolling. Well-oiled or not, Nikki's fuck hole soon burned from all the friction.

Smedley Makes A Deposit Nicole swallowed the bank manager's sperm. Becky and Lillith chatted amiably as they soaped each other in the shower afterwards. The human resources department requires a witness to be present during a termination interview. As Smedley set his briefcase on the floor, he smiled pleasantly. The chair had been lowered as far as it would go so that Smedley would be forced to look up at her. Intrusive, well-greased fingers were pumped in and out of her rectum.

Mission accomplished, she got up off her knees and plucked her skimpy black knickers from the floor. Becky, greatly over-doing the wide-eyed innocent bit, also overdid the artless bit. "I see that you've invited that creep Smedley down from Woking. I'll have you there making notes, in case he tries to pull a fast one later about what was said or done." Becky grinned. Too weak to put up any effective resistance, Nikki opened her ass-hole wide for the greek culture enthusiasts.

Looking at the two freshly scrubbed beauties, he instantly knew why his sensitive nostrils had gone on full alert. " Sitting slightly behind him on a higher chair, taking notes, Becky rolled her eyes comically. Most of the staff have gone home, so I'll cut it short as I'm sure Rebecca wants to go home as soon as possible." Becky smiled pleasantly at this consideration, although privately thinking that it was just because Lillith was always horny after a good firing and wanted to cum in her face a few more times. "You appear to have grasped a few opportunities that you shouldn't have, Hargreaves! Periodically, a fist would be hammered into her diaphragm.As she left the bank manager's office, his secretary, Michelle (herself a nervous, naive and easily persuaded girl) gave Nicole a sympathetic smile. As is common among asians, she had adopted an English first name for the convenience of people like Smedley Hargreaves, who hadn't any hope of (or any interest in) pronouncing her real name. She hustled into his office, primly shutting the door behind her, not wanting to share her correction with the other employees. What would your family in the old country say if you lost your job and couldn't send money back to them? You should use the English spell checker, not the American one. We don't want people thinking that we're ignorant Americans! To the asian girl, it seemed that the English were extremely particular. I'll do better next time." Like most abusive people, Mr. It wouldn't be right if I let you get away with errors that none of the local girls would commit. She bent over, pulled up her skirt, pulled down her knickers, stretched out her slim arms and touched her carefully polished fingernails to her carefully polished toenails. Her bare buttocks quivered delectably with each stroke. "It's something that they taught us at business school! Her negotiations with Smedley had left a bad taste in her mouth. "Before we start the renovations with our new loan, why don't we take a vacation? It's a lottery they run for people who take out loans. All she had been allowed to do was hang by her hair in the cell, blindfolded and gagged, stark naked in the cool cell, shivering and listening to the water and smelling the delicious soup. The luscious lips wrapped around the ball gag were blue. "I find that a well-greased broomstick handle helps to loosen up the haughtiest, snottiest bitch.A lovely asian girl, Michelle was intimately familiar with Smedley's methods. " Michelle looked anxiously at the letter clutched in Smedley's hand. Smedley was always catching her out in small errors. Smedley told everyone that he was 'firm, but fair'. I hired you over them because I felt sure that you would always do the right thing. Thin red lines appeared across both cheeks as the cane kissed her bare bum. Demonstrating the complete range of his sensitivity, Smedley handed her a kleenex to dry her tears and blow her nose as she pulled up her knickers. Nikki had tried to hold it in but, at last, had been force to piss herself, the dark yellow urin running down her shapely legs and forming a puddle at her feet. It rams home the realization that she's just a piece of dog vomit." Nikki gasped as the broomstick handle penetrated her quivering quim as deeply as possible. He wiggled it playfully to help poor sobbing Becky squeal and snivel beautifully. Just nod your head if you think that you can handle it." Lillith nodded. " Silently, Lillith removed her jacket and placed it on the desk. Like Becky, she had the smoothly shaven pussy of the die-hard fuck-slut. He grinned happily and spoke softly to her, a lover addressing his fuck-toy. or the rebels or both." Nikki felt like her heart had been ripped out and stomped on as she realized that she was in way over her head. Once they were nicely bruised and swollen, she clamped heavy duty, alligator-clip electrodes to each one, squeezing hard to make sure that the tiny teeth bit in deep. "If you hold still it won't be a very wide cut, but it will be fairly deep so that Lillith can learn her lesson of silence and obedience." He waited a few beats to allow the bitches to stew a bit and then slowly inserted the blade into Becky's tit-meat. Inside Lillith's office, Smedley pressed two bandaids against Rebecca's bleeding tit slits. " He turned his attention to Lillith as Becky seemed to be quaking nicely. If not, I'm going to have to quit horsing around and get serious with Becky here. She hooked her fingers inside the elastic waistband and jerked down her panties and pantihose. She stood, gloriously naked, and glared defiantly at Smedley. He ran a fingernail over the sensitive soles of her feet. The matron twisted and pinched each of Nikki's cherry red, long stem nipples cruelly.