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31 Mar

They now account for 27.5 per cent of the total number of international students.

Hong Kong students are the 10th largest international group studying in Australia, with their numbers rising by 10.3 per cent to 17,586 last year.

China’s ambassador to Australia said China would “firmly” protect the legal rights of its citizens abroad and urged the Australian government to ensure the safety of Chinese students after an attack on three teenagers.

Cheng Jingye made the comments after visiting three Chinese high school pupils, who were assaulted at a bus station in Canberra on October 23.

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Cheng expressed deep concern over the assault and said China would offer consulate protection and help Chinese nationals to protect their rights, Xinhua reported Saturday.The Canberra attack is just one of many incidents that have increased safety concerns over the millions of Chinese citizens studying overseas – especially given the rising numbers of minors attending schools abroad.“Chinese students and their guardians would do well to consider the choice of school and accommodation and change their habit of showing off their wealth in the public,” Li said.Beatings of friendly students deal blow to friendly image of Australian capital He urged the authorities in Canberra to take measures to protect students and prevent similar incidents from happening again.He also asked the Australian guardians of these underage students to “take up their responsibilities”.