Go weather not updating

14 Apr

For registered garden waste (brown bin) customers as well as blue and green bin collections, you can use our find your nearest tool to find your next collection day.

Alternatively, you can view the calendar for October 2017 - March 2018 (PDF 133kb) for your blue and green bin collections.

It appears we will soon descend into solar sunspot minimum, but on the descent we may see powerful (albeit fewer) solar flares.

Usually we can judge solar activity by sunspot number and solar flare magnitude but sometimes that is not the case.

For APT, SDR# sends the audio output to WXto IMG over a virtual audio link.

WXto IMG takes this audio feed, decodes it, and outputs pretty pictures.

LRPT is digital and has always been a little trickier, but with just a little extra effort, you can receive both with the same equipment.

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GOES Electron Flux This shows the High Energy Electron Bombardment. The Three D-RAP Charts above show Atmosphere and Ionosphere Effect from Space Weather Top chart will always show any flare irradiance.Since the satellite moves across the sky relative to our fixed position on the ground, the frequency changes a little bit depending on if it’s going towards us or away from us.Orbitron happily does these calculations for us so we can automate the whole thing.After that, we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done and post these pictures all over Facebook and brag about how smart we are 🙂 In a nutshell, that’s the process from beginning to end.Here’s what you’ll need do duplicate my setup: I’ve created a directory called NOAA on my hard drive and extracted all of these programs there.