Greek sex rooms

03 Mar

A Pi Beta Phi official described the sorority as "a women's organization for individuals who live and self-identify as women."Kappa Alpha Theta spokeswoman Liz Rinck said the organization was founded in 1870 in part to help support women in an often misogynistic social and academic atmosphere.

Young people in America overwhelmingly support LGBT rights when it comes to policies on employment, health care and adoption, according to a new survey.

While Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in education, the federal government has declared social fraternities and sororities exempt and free to make their own membership decisions, including those based on gender identity.

Adam Davies, 18, of Appleton, Wis., right, and his roommate Elizabeth Blair, of Michigan, joke around in their dorm room at Northwestern University.

Adam says he told Elizabeth that he was transgender, transitioning female to male, and found that Elizabeth still wanted to live together.Other students — regardless of gender identity — in past years have attempted to join a sorority without receiving a bid.Davies said he's disappointed he won't experience a candlelight ceremony, wear Greek letters or have a mentoring relationship with an older sorority member.After recently starting hormone therapy, he says his face isn't as soft as it once was and his voice is becoming more androgynous.He wears a binder to flatten his chest but hopes to get top surgery, the surgical removal of breast tissue, in March.