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16 Jan

Starcoins : – Starcoins is a currency for all the moviestars.It can be used by every user of the game; so we can say that this is a primary currency of the game. You can also get some pets for your moviestar with coins.And these all for free, isn’t it worth using Moviestarplanet Hack? You will get more confused by thinking much about it.This process will take only 2 minutes of you for the result.If your pet looks good enough to climb on 10 level, you can earn maximum 5 coins for this.Winning first, a second or third prize in any competition will also earn you starcoins and even diamonds too.

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You spend your free time in front of your handheld devices, playing games. This dimension of game is different than real life, so it gives you the break from reality.

Both the diamonds and starcoins are very important in the game.

You can even purchase these resources in Top-up packages in the game. Either, you can also use the above-mentioned online tool for generating them instantly for your account for free.

When you have diamonds, you have some special abilities like sending your status update to every friend you have in the game.

Diamonds can only be purchased in a bulk quantity from the shop; you cannot earn them to a large quantity.