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Perhaps the most important of the three main historic sites related to the great teacher - together part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is the Cemetery of Confucius (Kong Lin), a large burial ground containing the graves of Confucius, family members, and numerous followers.

The grave itself is a mound marked by a 15th-century gravestone carrying the inscription "Grave of the Sacred King of Culture, who achieved Absolute Perfection," while nearby are the graves of his son and grandson.

Geochemical data show that both granodiorite and monzogranitic porphyry are characterized by enrichment of large ion lithophile elements (LILE) relative to high field strength elements (HFSE), indicating a peraluminous nature (A/CNK = 1.01–1.08).

Must-sees include Shanghai's broad promenade, the Bund, which runs along the west bank of the Huangpujiang River and is popular for its very distinctive European architecture, and the beautiful Yu Garden (the Garden of Happiness) with its many fine old buildings.

In this case, the partial melting of rocks of the Shuangqiaoshan Group can produce S-, I- and transitional type granitoids.

After strong differentiation it formed tungsten-bearing granitoids characterized by enrichment of high alkali, silicon and volatile components.

The granitoid-related W ore systems in JNB resulted from the remelting of the Proterozoic crust.

The mafic–ultramafic volcanic rocks of the Shuangqiaoshan Group intercalated with phyllite and slate, ophiolitic mélange and magmatic arc rocks, mainly comprising I-type granite, basalt, andesite, rhyolite, pyroclastics, together with subduction-related metasomatized lithospheric mantle, would have provided additional mantle material.