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17 Apr

Sometimes if a girl says she doesn't like you it can really mean that she does like you or it could also mean that she really doesn't like you, like she said in the first place.I-I know it doesn't make a lot of sense when you say it out loud but…it's something that makes more sense 'in feeling', I guess…" He thought a little more, green eyes full of memory and experience for a moment, but then finally, really still being just a ten-year-old boy, Arnold just had to sigh and finish with a shrug, "Girls are just….a little more complicated than us, I think…at least for right now." It really was the best he could come up with at the moment.

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What could be more amusing than taking two hundred thousand words to make Arnold realize he loves Helga? event up to me which eventually lead me to include a certain part that occurs in this chapter maybe a third of the way through.

Taking EIGHT hundred thousand words to explore in detail how this newfound relationship is working out! I'll be more specific at the end about what I mean, but thank you, 'collaborator'!