I want to chat sexy about mom

03 Mar

You know she really likes Meryl Streep and that if she hasn’t already gone to see it, she’s probably eager to get tickets.These little pieces of knowledge can sometimes make a big difference.If your partner’s mother has invaluable wisdom to impart, why not take advantage of that?My fiancé’s mother is older and wiser than I am, so, because of her life experience, I seek her counsel from time to time. Many of us have even endured countless horror stories from friends about the overbearing one, the meddling one, or the one who thinks, “That woman will never be good enough for my son.” Of course, I’m talking about our partners’ mothers.So the question is: How do you meet the parents and win them over?Of course, I consider myself lucky, as it’s not hard to show sincere gratitude for a mouthwatering meal or a delicious dessert.Take heed, though; excessive adulation may lead her to believe you’re faking it, which will just negate all the sweet things you’ve said. Ask Her About Her Interests “So, do you guys have any snow yet?

So before you start denouncing that new Shakira song, think before you speak—she might have just downloaded it from i Tunes.I’ve made (and will continue to make, I’m sure) some blatant blunders.While these tips will go a long way toward helping you develop a solid relationship with your partner’s mother, they could also apply to winning over all the people in your life.The greatest thing you can praise her for is something you know she takes pride in.Cooking and baking are my soon-to-be-mother-in-law’s forte, and I tell her so.