Ihs liquidating llc

17 Apr

The notice also provides instructions regarding how to submit a proxy over the Internet.

We believe that this process allows us to provide stockholders with important information in a timely manner, while reducing the environmental impact and lowering the costs of printing and distributing our proxy materials.

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registered in your name (for instance, if you hold shares through a broker, bank, or other institution), please advise the stockholder of record that you wish to attend; that firm will then provide you with evidence of ownership that will be required for admission to the Annual Meeting.Let us know if we can explain any of these matters or otherwise help you with voting or attending our Annual Meeting.Remember that your shares cannot be voted unless you submit your proxy or attend the Annual Meeting in person.Although large companies such as Nike were affected, the repercussions were more prominent on smaller companies.In August 2017; a South Korean bankruptcy trustee which was appointed to manage the liquidation of Hanjin Shipping, reported that it had only collected 220 million USD from the sale of Hanjin's assets.