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13 Apr

Numerous hadiths also stress the desirability and benefits of having many children.

In a word, procreation is a priority in Islam and limiting offspring for material reasons is un Islamic although it is not far-fetched to say that it falls in line with Western population policy - especially with regard to Muslims - as revealed by the objectives of the infamous Cairo Population Conference a few years ago. Hajj Gibril GF Haddad © The words used in fiqh books in the context of coitus or its prohibition such as ityaan ("copulation") and eelaaj ("penetration") generally denote penetration of the penis.

Name names and give references or hold your horses.

As for the SPERM of the male, the Shafie madhabs says it is PURE, but the liquid before that which is called the MAZI LIQUID is NAJASA. ...certainly NOT HARAM because there is no evidence to say so.

The basic ruling is licitness from head to toe except for anal intercourse, and also except genital intercourse at the time of menses, all provided harm is avoided, as spelled out in the Reliance of the Traveller m5.4. Imam al-Shafi`i rady Allahu `anhu said in al-Umm, book of Nikah, chapter on (the prohibition of) anal sex, that apart from the prohibition of anal sex, "enjoyment of the whole body regardless of vaginal penetration (iblaagh al-faraj) is permissible." Imam al-Nawawi rahimahullah said in the Rawda, book of Nikah, chapter on the rights of the husband in sexual enjoyment (istimta`): "He has the rights to all kinds of sexual enjoyment except to look at her pudendum because there is a difference of opinion concerning this [being haram, the sounder ruling being that it is makruh] and except for anal intercourse, which is strictly prohibited." Further down, discussing the absolute prohibition of masturbation, he says: "But it is permissible that he masturbate with the hand of his wife...

just as he may enjoy her entire body." (In the Minhaj, al-Nawawi states: "The husband may look at her entire body" without reservation. The prohibited in sexual intercourse between spouses is the penetration of the penis into the anal opening.

In a book written by Hedaya Hartford, (May Allah reward her), it says that oral sex(cunnilingus/felatio) has been declared haram by the ulama, because it does not agree with human nature.*** This is one paragraph of her book _Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage_ (Dar al-Fikr 2000, available at - Allah reward her - which I found needed revising. 156): "In response to numerous inquiries on the topic of oral sex as it is practiced and understood in the West, the consensus among the sheikhs and traditional scholars is that it contravenes the adab (proper Islamic behavior) of an Islamic marriage, and is revolting to a sound human nature (fitra).

Al-Baghawi in Ma`alim al-Sunan, his Tafsir, for this Aya adduced the hadith of the Prophet : "He is not of us who gelds, or castrates himself (laysa minnâ man khasâ aw ikhtasâ)." Narrated also in Ibn Sa`d, al-Tabarani in al-Kabir, al-Baghawi in Sharh al-Sunan, Ibn al-Mubarak in al-Zuhd.

Al-Suyuti declared it "fair" (hasan) in al-Jami` al-Saghir and Ibn Hajar cited it in Fath al-Bari.

lest revulsion ensue or it affect the light of the face, eyes, or heart], not from that of knowledge [i.e.

not as a fiqh ruling], in which case there is no harm in it and it is not makruh.' Then he narrated from Malik that he said: ' There is no harm in looking at the [wife's] pudendum during intercourse.' He added in his narration: ' And there is no harm in licking it with his tongue!