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06 Jan

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By 1970, the evolved CTSS code was including Multics, the operating system ancestor to Unix and Linux. Ordinary users first met IM as Compu Serve's CB Simulator. None of these really grabbed the mass market's attention.

That's all true, but AIM was also immediately put to business use. This IBM 7094 mainframe-based system enabled users to "message" each other via a common file system. This IM text version of this came out in 1980 and was also popular.You may have been flirting with your first girlfriend, but I was using it to talk to sources and editors. The first real IM dates later to 1965 when programmers set up "dot SAVED" on CTSS. As the internet gained traction in technical circles, some Finnish hackers came up with the idea of an operating-system agnostic IM system, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), in 1988.With this, users could write directly to another user's terminal. It quickly became the most popular IM network for programmers and hackers and it remains so to this day.Promo-credits used to purchase a virtual product are exchanged into "developer tokens", also known as "dev tokens".The purchase transfers the promo-credits into developer tokens but nets a single developer token per purchase when promo-credits are used regardless of the price of the product purchased.