Internet dating geek

22 Feb

Also, their FAQ page only answers a few questions and doesn't list or answer some of the more important ones members may have.For example, if people are browsing dating sites and want to learn more about prices of Gk2Gk's upgraded subscriptions, people won't be able to find it on their FAQ site or quickly call into contact customer support.Upon signing up for a membership, members will be able to browse through thousands of photos.With Gk2Gk's free option, members also have the ability to "Show Interest" in another profile, whether the profile that they are interested in belongs to a paid member or not.We have found that they currently have upwards of about 200,000 member profiles.

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This could all be due to the fact that they do not have a user verification process and poor safety precautions. If you want to speak with customer support, they only give you the choice to send in a message from their site, or send in snail mail to their listed address.The only information they provide about their online dating safety is that they claim "secure online dating." Unfortunately, they do not conduct background checks or have a way to report users.This is unfortunate because safety and security is crucial for online dating sites.Members need to at least feel secure exposing their personal information to strangers that they have never met.Gk2Gk is a great site for people who are passionate about certain tv shows, movies, games, or hobbies that most of society may find "geeky." Geeks, nerds, and dorks can join the site knowing that they will be looking through profiles of thousands of people with similar interests and passions.