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01 Mar

On March 2, Burlington police discovered the body of Johnson's 16-year-old child, a black gender-fluid teen who went by the names Kedarie and Kandicee, at approximately p.m., according to local newspaper .The family’s obituary records the teen's time of death as p.m.

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She died in her own waste and was found wearing an adult diaper and lying on the linoleum floor of her bedroom when police and medics discovered her.

Despite their concern and claims from neighbors that she used to ask them for food and clothes, she was allowed to carry on living in the home.

Last August, police and child protective services visited the house and even noted that Natalie was wasting away but said in a report she was starving herself. The fired health worker told colleagues she believed there may have been cause for concern but nothing was done.

She said the other children told her they were scared of their adoptive mother but that there was not enough evidence to remove them from her care.

She settled in the small city of around 50,000 residents in a culturally diverse, low-income neighborhood called South Hills. Her child had been shot several times, and their body was left in an alley.