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The grisly discovery stunned a quiet and affluent community in Boulder, Colorado and quickly became one of the most disturbing unsolved crimes in the United States over the past two decades. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia which convened in 2003.Throughout the course of this crime analysis, there will be references to a compilation of media reports, independent investigative reports, as well as the court case, Wolf v. The 2003 case stated that a Boulder journalist named Robert Christian Wolf filed a million defamation suit against John Ramsey and wife Patsy Ramsey after being referred to by the family as a possible suspect in the death of Jon Benét in the couple’s controversial book,. Ramsey court case, some shocking details surrounding Jon Benét’s murder were reviewed once again.However, a complete list of attendees was not made public and the reason for the first 911 call was never fully explained as the unknown caller hung up without saying a word. They also concluded separately that the ransom note was written by someone intelligent but criminally unsophisticated.”“…lab tests also showed it was Patsy’s Sharpie pen used to write the note.The pen used to write the note—an FBI profiler estimates it took 21 minutes for the author to practice on the pad and then compose it—was found in a cup with other Sharpies right next to the phone in the kitchen where Patsy kept them.According to the The Colorado Bureau of Investigations, there were fibers found on the duct tape that were also similar to a as the cord, body positioning, additional bodily trauma, as well as the white blanket covering Jon Benét and the Barbie nightgown found near her, indicated manipulation after the crime occurred.In a report by the now retired forensic pathologist and medical examiner, Dr.

Patsy then called her neighbor and close friends, Priscilla White, as well as John and Barbara Fernie, between am and 6am.

Similarly, it was discovered that unidentified dark animal hairs were found on her hands.

Nothing in the home matched the animal hair samples found on the duct tape.

Shawn Helton 21st Century Wire It’s been nearly 20 years since the cold-blooded murder of Jon Benét Ramsey shocked America.

On December 26, 1996, the lifeless body of a 6-year-old girl, Jon Benét Ramsey, was found brutally murdered in the basement of her family home.