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28 Jan

He was selected to represent Team North America alongside Jeremy Abbott, Karen Chen, and Mirai Nagasu at the Japan Open.There, his free program earned second place behind Javier Fernandez.At the 2009 Junior Nationals, he won the intermediate men's silver medal. At the Pacific Sectional Championships in November 2014, he landed a clean quadruple toe loop and double toe loop combination (4T 2T) in his free skate, winning the senior men's division, and advanced to the 2015 U. He finished 4th at the event in Tallinn, Estonia on March 8, 2015.

Having obtained a total score of 282.85 points, he was awarded the silver medal behind Yuzuru Hanyu and became the second youngest male skater (age 17) to medal at the GPF after Evgeni Plushenko, who won his first GPF medal at age 16 in 1999. Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, Chen performed two quadruple jumps (4Lz 3T and 4F) in the short program and five in the free skate (4Lz 3T, 4F, 4T 2T 2Lo, 4T and 4S), the first person to ever do so. Chen rounded off the season with a 3rd place team and 2nd place personal finish at the 2017 World Team Trophy in Tokyo.In his second Grand Prix series, Chen won his first Grand Prix title at the 2017 Rostelecom Cup in Moscow.He replaced the blade for the free skate but stated afterward, "I think that was a bad call.她的同行拉夫·劳伦鼓励她要寻找新的生活伴侣继续生活。 "Get yourself a husband and a family," Wang recalled Lauren saying. You've been single for three decades now." 王薇薇回忆说,“劳伦对我说,找个丈夫成家吧。你必须成家了,你已经单身30年了。” However, despite having two daughters, Wang was still unsure about her decision at times and not always willing to separate herself from work.尽管已经有了两个女儿,但王薇薇有时仍旧不能确定自己的决定并且总是不愿离开工作。 But the New York Daily News has now reported that Lysacek has moved in with the iconic fashion designer.