Jolene blalock dating

04 Feb

A congressman tries to win back his estranged wife, while Camille goes all out to impress his fitness-loving bodyguard.Will is annoyed when the cruise line assigns him a goofy assistant, Donald Griswald.He refuses to admit that he cannot dance, then secretly takes lessons from Camille.Paolo considers giving up his career to marry the older woman he has been dating. He learns that the temperamental chef has a crush on Suzanne and decides to play a practical joke on him.David Birney [ Buddy Pomus ], Julie Hagerty [ Carrie Brook ], Sydney Penny [ Juliette Titelbaum ], Lark Voorhies [ Johari Mayfield ], Nick Kokotakis [ Scott ], Candy Ambuehl [ Tanya ], Michael Caldwell [ Crispin ], Kate Fuglei [ Marcia ], Mc Kenna Jones [ Jill ], Paul O'Loughlin [ Entertainer ] Will finds romance with a famous singer who is travelling incognito.Jim assigns Danny to photo lab duty after catching him taking inappropriate photos of women.Donald Jim's ex-wife comes aboard to celebrate Danny's 16th birthday, then decides that she wants to bring their son home.

A passenger proposes to a woman the day of their first meeting.Maxwell Caulfield [ Armand ], Sasha Mitchell [ Ron ], Michelle Phillips [ Quinn ], Maggie Wheeler [ Cindy ], Kathy Molter [ Christine ], Mellara Gold [ Elegant Girl ], Dia Dibble [ Martha ], Elise Ballard [ Holly ], Leslie Lunceford [ Sarah ], Thelma Lee [ Mrs.Goldberg ], Peter James Smith [ Bartender ], Kim Blank [ Single Mom ], Daniel Hansen [ Tommy ] The female passengers complain that Jim will not dance with them.A woman takes offense when her comedian boyfriend puts down marriage in his act.Curtis Armstrong [ Mitch Beeber ], Christine Ebersole [ Norma ], Ben Reed [ Lance ], Paul Satterfield [ Warren Mc Mahon ], Cari Shayne [ Catherine ], Pam Stone [ Judith ], Jessica Alba [ Layla ], Thelma Lee [ Mrs.