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01 Apr

The SUV now dangled precariously off the side of the mountain. Before the 13-hour flight to Santiago, before the models and the fur coats and the biblical snowstorm that left her stranded in the Andes Mountains, Julie Christman was just another bored St.Louis teenager trying to figure out what to do for the summer.She'd graduated from Catholic prep school in June and was considering community college, but she didn't have a clue as to what she'd study.What she did know was that her mother wanted her out of the house.t Julie come and stay with you? Pat was 11 years older than Julie and had left home after winning second runner-up in a modeling contest. As the SUV climbed farther and farther up the mountain, snow started to fall, blanketing the road. A crew from Neiman Marcus had come to the Andes mountains, near the border of Chile and Argentina, to scout locations for a fur catalog shoot.

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“Bill Green gave her a farewell today and they showed some old videos of her,” our poster said.

We thank Diana for a great 13 years on the air at HSN and wish her the very best of luck in the forseeable future.” Oddly enough, that message wasn’t posted by Perkovic but rather by a dude named Justin Floyd.

And this character kept re-posting that message when Perkovic’s fans expressed dismay that she was exiting. “Diana, originally from Toronto, Canada, debuted on HSN in 1999,” it says.

She was still working as a model, but she'd also started a boutique advertising group with her boyfriend, an up-and-coming photographer named Les Goldberg, who'd shot one of Ralph Lauren's first campaigns. Perhaps she could come to New York for the summer and learn something from Les? It's possible Julie's mom wasn't even aware of this.

Besides, she knew Pat would take care of her kid sister.