Lauren trembath

04 May

A national survey recently found over 70 per cent of Australians surveyed support First Nations peoples’ constitutional recognition, with 60.7 per cent supporting the Voice to Parliament proposal, and the Uluru Statement from the Heart was ‘endorsed by unprecedented Indigenous consensus’.We urge the Australian Parliament to listen to First Nations peoples’ recommendations in the Uluru Statement, and to back this attempt to improve their circumstances and participate more fully in Australian society.While stationed at Fort Carson, the top general of the base, Major General Mark Graham, lost both of his sons: one to a roadside bomb, one to a rope lashed on a ceiling fan. Graham attempted to change this with his new mantra, tacked up on homemade posters all over the base’s hospital: Provide The BEST Care Possible. Be a soldier.” He slammed the gun back on the table, jarring SPC Morris from her trance. She called me that night and told me she often thinks of killing herself.Fort Carson was under fire for mistreating its wounded when they returned from war, for neglecting their mental health. His encouraging attitude for troops to get the help they need was supposed to change things at Fort Carson. Three months later, after a suicide attempt, SPC Morris is admitted to Cedar Springs, a private hospital and psychiatric ward in Colorado Springs.It sat immediately next to the barracks in Baghdad.The black cloud of burning limbs enveloped the barracks if the wind blew just right, and dark gray silt snuck into the rooms, coating windowsills with human dust.Soon after SPC Morris returned to Fort Carson (injured: dislocated shoulder, massive depression, anxiety disorder), the command directed her to clean guns in the armory. Fort Carson ships its most troubled soldiers to private facilities at a rate 700 times greater than average for Army hospitals. Nightmares SPC Morris is on thirteen medicines, two of which combat nightmares: Ambien and Minipress.

So she sat at the table, a gun in front of her, unable to take it apart. If she doesn’t sleep immediately after taking her meds, her bright blue eyes glaze over. In her sleep I watch her lips tremble, hear her teeth click against each other. I don’t wake or comfort her, because if I do, she turns on me, not recognizing safety. “When I’m talking to you, I feel like throwing the phone across the room and watching it shatter into a million pieces. Due to the physical nature of her job as an operating room technician, the injury worsened.

Or she could wait a year and try and get out on a medical discharge. In therapy several months later, her therapist said that as women are not allowed on the front lines of war according to the Combat Exclusion Laws for Women in the Military, they often have to work much harder to prove they saw combat than their male peers, that it is almost impossible for women soldiers to access the benefits they deserve for physical injuries and mental disorders.

Or she could wait until someone told him that she was gay, and then she’d get chaptered out. Roadside bombs, mortar attacks, repeat deployments: everyone serves on the front lines of Iraq. Ibn Sina Hospital When stationed at Ibn Sina Hospital in Baghdad, SPC Morris accumulated over five hundred surgery hours, assisting with operations on Iraqi children, Iraqi insurgents, Iraqi citizens, and American troops.

This sovereignty was ‘never ceded or extinguished and co-exists with the sovereignty of the crown’.

However, it is yet to be rightfully acknowledged and First Nations peoples are not mentioned in the Constitution.