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17 Mar

The annual interest rate can exceed 400%, and fees skyrocket when a borrower needs an extension.

In 2012, the estimated income for online lenders was .3 billion.

Back to top Consumers enjoy the convenience their credit cards give them to shop and spend, whether in person, online or through the mail.

The Multi-Sourced Credit Card Carriers list is one of the largest databases on the list market for targeting consumers who use bank and retail credit cards.

These leisure lovers enjoy the comforts of home while taking some time away from their daily routines.

Back to top If you are looking for well-educated, fashionable women who take care of themselves, you have found the right list!

The Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders file contains consumers who currently have an adjustable rate mortgage.

Selectable by interest, contribution type, financial data, education level, health conditions and ailments, religion, and mail order buyer categories, these Canadians are ready to respond to targeted direct mail campaigns with their credit cards and checkbooks.

Back to top Beach List Direct introduces the Concert & Sporting Event Ticket Buyers list.

Whether it's noon or 3 AM, these folks can be found watching their TVs waiting for the next great invention to come across the screen and into their homes.

With credit cards at the ready, these shoppers call in to place their orders for everything from jewelry, cooking gadgets, cleaning products, and electronics to fitness solutions, toys, clothes, and seasonal products.