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05 May

'The infamous 'd**k pic' will be nowhere to be found on Chappy either; the app is linked in to its user's Facebook account, and so their profile photo will always be of their face.

'Some see being bisexual as a cop out, or greedy, or the easy path to take. Ollie has launched an app - Chappy - which is, essentially, the anti-Grindr.'In no way are we slagging off Grindr or saying that sex is bad! But we are giving the gay community another option,' he elaborated.

A cab driver came out to me recently.'And will Ollie - who is indeed single - use Chappy himself? 'Everyone always says I've done this app to sort out my own love life.

Like I am so single that I'm approaching the founder of Bumble to find d**k.

Surely that's not what we have fought for as a community! I've been going to gay bars for the last 10 years but never met anyone.

The chances of meeting anyone you want to be with at all is so slim, but in a bar it's even slimmer.