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26 Jan

This however, runs contrary to their responses during the questionnaire survey. This could also pose as a limitation to questionnaire technique because of the difficulty of ascertaining the genuineness of the answers provided. Methods in earlier studies ranged from survey research to use of interview techniques with verbal protocol analysis .Some of these studies also elicited perceptual responses [23] and certain specific responses which can be useful to add specificity to their findings .Again, the mean percentages for the seven questions in table 2 were used to examine the respondent’s responses to questions asked. The results are as follows: Disagree 105.7%/7=15.1%, Agree 325.7%/7 =46.52%, Neutral 266.7%/7 =38.1%.

While the secondary data sources are journals, news papers, textbooks, articles and websites.Harnessing properly the opportunities that are bound through this networks tend to help the students lots in a positive manner and can also be channeled into helping others.A student who records a high ingenuity on social networks has the tendency to make lots of friends online and also may translate same to his normal daily academic life.However, the use of social networking sites for academic purposes like communicating between academic peers and for academic discussion groups all have a total of 27 percentage which is less than the time they spend on other activities unrelated to academics . Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Vol.13 No.1. Center (MS-ISAC) Stay Safe So October 6, 2010 by Sorav Jain, (40 Most Popular Social Networking Sites of the World).[1]. Nevertheless, we can infer here also based on physical discussion the researcher had with the students and the percentage score on the chart, that the attitude of using social networking sites for academic purposes is just building up.