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15 Mar

Global commercial success has always been the plan, so in terms of that, I am only just getting started."When we’re chatting, he says: "I was obviously keen to crack a nomination or two, and I am very excited.I never thought that it would actually happen, especially for Best Collaboration, because that song is almost two years old and it’s still being nominated for awards.The penny drops with the amount of detail they are going into about the husband's job, that I actually know which lady from the class they are talking about.Daryl is a lady who was in the waiting room the week before and she's been telling me about having PND and what a great support her nct group have been to her!I just wanted to put out music that people can relate to and I think I have achieved my goal."He tells us that collaborating with rap kings AKA and K.O on DJ Vigilante’s Bang Out earlier this year also didn’t make him feel pressurised.Despite the huge expectations for his debut – which shot to number one on i Tunes when it was finally available for purchase – the rapper says he didn’t feel any pressure."I wasn’t making it to make a name for myself, I’ve kinda done that, so I just wanted to keep making really good music.

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So I go in, make myself comfortable and start feeding ds.And he’s already got his sights on his next project."I am already working on my second album.Or maybe I am just stacking up songs, I don’t know. Even if it’s not a complete song, the point is to make one.Then Tracey asks what's she's missed about a fourth lady, Daryl, in their group, who also comes to this baby class. Dorian starts off saying that Daryl's still being a psycho!At this point I expect of lowering of voices or hushed tones as I'm clearly in the room! Dorian and Tracey basically now start to really get nasty.