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20 Dec

If you fail to pry open a woman's Prizability and Comfort Floodgates, sexual arousal is rendered useless.

Many intermediate seducers have honed their skills at sparking arousal in women.

(Remember: arousal is an involuntary response to specific stimuli.) But because he doesn't fit her model of an attractive catch, her Prizability floodgate stops the arousal dead in its tracks. Two, you opened up her sexual floodgates but didn't generate any arousal. But what if you could control a woman's arousal levels at will?

Unfortanately, most men don't have a clue how to sexual arouse women.

Her Comfort Floodgate I've seen players and good looking guys fill women with lust. To open up a woman's Comfort Floodgate you need to tap into specific parts of her Emotional Brain. And I've turned my system into an audio course called "Sexual Connections." Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You'll Learn Inside The Sexual Connections Audio Course…. They try to demonstrate common interests and spark a connection.

As you'll discover, sparking a connection or building a rapport with a woman are just a few of the many ways you can open up her Comfort Floodgate. When most men fancy a woman, they brag about their status, accomplishments, and hobbies. If the girl doesn't fancy them back, they chalk it up to not being her type and give up.

In 2007 the most popular seduction blog (at the time), named me the best Pick Up Artist in the entire world not only for my skill but also the results I got for thousands of men around the world. On a stormy night, I received a call that wiped the cocky smirk off my face. "I've paid other dating coaches thousands of dollars to hear the exact same thing. I've approached over 500 women and all I have to show for it is a shrunken ego." I told him, "I wish you the best of luck.

Most men get an A for putting in a valiant effort with women. And they slump through life getting mediocre results at best. By the end of that year, a famous seduction guru touted my skills as the best in the business. I thought there was nothing more I could learn about seduction. I can help you with that." He hissed, "I don't think you understand," and cleared his throat.