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03 Mar

The following suggestions written for and directed to children may give some added authority in the matter of what is common courtesy and what is not. ‘Me closer you live with other people, the more important good manners are.Everybody in a household should respect the rights and feelings of everybody else.' 'Celebrate the small victories, enjoy every moment, laugh instead of crying, get high on life, believe, dream, and breathe' 'Don't play the 'what if' game, life has no rewind button...focus on the present and what's to come' 'If you wouldn't do it [or say it] in front of your spouse, DON'T DO IT!' 30 Day Blog Challenge 30 Day Photo Challenge Autism blogging cleaning cleaning and working out family Father's Day food Gift Ideas humor joke kids Kids Crafts lazy mom workout Link Ups Lists Money Saving Meals Parenting Pets photos Scavenger Hunt Sunday shopping Swimming teaching kids thoughts Thursday Throwbacks Uncategorized Wordless Wednesday 'LIFE IS SHORT! Don't stress about what you can't change, and if you can change it just do it' 'Never pray for ANYTHING for yourself other than guidance, instead give thanks' 'Adults are no different than children, we just have less rules and know more ways to call someone a cootie filled butt head' 'Life is precious, and can be taken away without a moments notice, so go out and live every day to fullest, kick life's ass & have no regrets' 'When life throws shit at you--Remember--It's just fertilizer & with a little work can turn into a beautiful flower..just a dried pile of dookie' #marchphotoaday an escape anniversaries autism bacon bacone being thankful blog rules blog thoughts Can I say that?Custom is the habit of doing certain things like shaking hands and tipping hats mentioned above.

Nearly all good manners have in element of common sense.Nevertheless, certain manners do survive from one decade to the next, and this is because manners make life easier for everybody.There are three important ideas behind the good manners we use today: custom, consideration, and common sense.Here are some privacy don’ts: Another important part of family good manners is sharing. If you accidentally dial a wrong number, excuse yourself.You share the TV set and the telephone and the bathroom and maybe a bedroom or a closet or a desk. This means cleaning up after yourself and sharing the responsibility for the safety of everyone in the house. If someone dials your number accidentally, accept his apology. It is considerate to make phone calls at a time when they will not disturb people.