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30 Jan

Basically, families play matchmaker and if both parties agree, the next step is engagement. How does one go straight to engagement and skip everything that comes before?

Well, it turns out that it is most common for such engagements to last at least a year or two before the couple actually gets married.

Western cultures teach the importance of unleashing your maximum potential, figuring out exactly who you are, and becoming the happiest you could ever be.

However, Eastern cultures teach us that maybe, to do so we wouldn’t have to disregard close personal relationships and that our happiest moments could be shared alongside a life partner.

He asked about the concept of casual dating and what purpose it serves.

He then explained to me how things work a lot differently in his culture, as he has been engaged for two years and plans to marry his fiancée and start a family upon completion of his graduate degree. Arranged marriages were a commonly accepted practice all the way till the 18th century.

"Until what seems like yesterday," writes University of Chicago professor Leon Kass at, "young people were groomed for marriage, and the paths leading to it were culturally set out, at least in rough outline."I can certainly attest to the truth of that statement. what our parents had done, indeed, what all our forebears had done."But today, he observes, few students expect to find a spouse in college.

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As a first generation Iranian-American immigrant, this is a fascinating dilemma for me.Marriage as a covenant providing for future generations is for serious adults.Marriage as self-fulfillment encourages a protracted adolescence in a culture already biased toward remaining youthful.And as the divorce rate shows, many who do marry do so with minimal commitment. Kass prescribes: "a desire in America's youth for mature adulthood (which means marriage and parenthood), an appreciation of the unique character of the marital bond . Lack of a dating life is not necessarily their own fault; it's part of a bigger picture.And the Church needs to step in and actively seek to be a radical counter-cultural voice in an increasingly difficult cultural setting, preparing young men and women for marriage-Christian marriage, a lifelong covenant for raising children.