Mate 1 dating review

14 Feb

With this, members can find partners best suited to them through very detailed information and profiles.

What’s even better is that members who are constantly on the go can access their account through the website’s mobile app.

A reporter for the site clicked “forgotten password” on the login page and was sent a full, plaintext password via email.A second danger comes from the fact that victims may have used the same passwords across multiple websites, potentially leaving accounts on Gmail, Amazon - anything, really - now open to attack.Anyone who purchased the database could test their newly-acquired passwords on more valuable accounts, and given the high number of credentials the hacker claims to have obtained, there’s a real chance that a significant number will indeed compromise accounts on other websites.The downside to this, however, is that male users don’t recieve the same privilege upon registration.While account creation for profile viewing is free of charge, male users have to pay a small fee to avail of the 3-day trial offer the site offers.