Mixed race dating ireland

18 Jan

My father was from Scotland and wore embarrassing checked jackets from the 1960s (he was in his forties when my brother and I were born). I am six years old and talking over the garden fence to my next-door neighbour and two sisters from across the street and one of them calls me “Poo” and they all laugh and run away.

I am eight and a classmate stops me in the corridor and asks, “What’s it like to be black?

But while America is more diverse than Britain – about 23 per cent of Americans belong to ethnic minorities compared with 13 per cent of Brits – mixed relationships are more common on this side of the pond.

This can be explained in part by our histories: what used to be called miscegenation was illegal in many American states until 1967; in Britain calls for the outlawing of interracial marriage never succeeded.

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