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For extending their rule over to eastern terai like Sen Rulers, Prithvi Narayan Shah had also committed to pay tax to the Muslim emperor.

After defeating eastern terai and control over the land, Prithvi Narayan Shah started to terminate the Tirhutia soldiers from his force.

Mahadatta Sen had ruled under the larger area of western terai by paying tax to Abadh Nabab Asfudhaula. In 1325, in the time of Harisinghadev, Sultan Gayasudhin Tuglak attacked to the capital of Tirhut Simaraunagadh and captured the land and controlled it.

In Mithila Janapad, Chief of the army of Chalukya Karnatbanshi, Mr. Sen Rulers had also ruled the land by paying tax to the Muslim winners.

Outside Kathmandu and in the hilly region there was regional autonomy of each ethnic group/cast formed because of their socio-cultural structure.

Our history has witnessed that different groups of the Hindus escaped from Indian sub-continent and took asylum in western hilly region of Nepal to protect their life from attacks of Muslims.

Mukunda Sen of the Sen Rule occupied the land and he started his rule in the area of Rajpur and Tilpur by paying tax to the Abadh King (NABAB) of Kaushal Janapad.

The terai was the major financial source to bear the cost of Nepali Shah Rulers.

The fund was supplied from terai to maintain the cost of war in the time of extension of Nepali territory, cost for enjoyment and joy of the Shah rulers and other necessary administrative costs.

In the period of 1513 to 1774 AD, Sen Rulers had extended their regime to Palpa, Makawanpur, Chaudandi, Bijaypur, Morang, and others.

Among the group of absconders/fugitives was forefather of present so called King Gyanendra, Bhupal Rao, the king of Chitaud with Rajasthani origin.