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24 Mar

I want both of us to be having sex,” another calmly states.“What if she doesn’t answer?” Timothy asks a different man, after hearing his pick up line.“You can’t ignore this voice…it’s an elder voice,” the man confidently answers. They are then notified of any matches, where both people swiped right on each other's profiles.Thus, users can quickly view hundreds of local singles and decide with a quick swipe of their finger if they’re interested or not.Goodness is calling you, or you want to meet sadness at your front?” one man tells Timothy what he says to women.“Beautiful girl, how are you?

51.5% said they believed Tinder was designed for hooking up, 33.5% said dating, and 15% meeting people.

Have you been dumped before you have even started dating? Fear no more, Timothy hit the streets to find out how to woo a woman street style.

Watch this video, you might learn some tips.“Wait for me!

The most common motives for using Tinder were because it's exciting and because it's trendy.

Another common motive that wasn't cited in the Le Febvre study was self-worth validation.