No butterflies when dating

03 May

You may not believe your happiness depends on having him or her in your life, but if losing him or her would break your heart, then your happiness does quite literally depend on this person remaining a part of your life.It’s not uncommon to be anxious about how much we care about, love and depend on someone.

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People have a lot of their own demons to deal with and sometimes even an amazing relationship will fail -- if only because one of the two individuals isn’t yet ready.

Only when we are in love do we feel for and worry about a person in a way almost identical to how we feel for and worry about ourselves.

The person you should spend your life with is the person who always manages to make you nervous.

Feeling a little bit nervous is what reminds us how much we love the person we’re with.

the problem is that as time goes on, we stop paying enough attention to our partners to give ourselves a chance to be nervous.