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09 Feb

She rubbed her eyes in exaustion as she was finishing up work on her computer, when she heard a knock on her door.She straightened herself out, wanting to look presentable to her collegues.She touched her up with a bright shade of pink lipstick and some blush, and posed her with her legs up and spread open, with her hands pushing her breasts together. A soft moan escaped Karen’s lips as she sat and watched her mistress use her for her own pleasures.

She pulled down her bottom piece to reveal her already dripping wet pussy, waiting in excitement for what her mistress had planned. Kimberly started off slow, sliding her fingers in first to get her even more wet.Sorry if anyone feels cheated but real life does have to come first.It does help that the recent developments in my live have been especially fun and fulfilling.I knew you were working so hard with your big plans, I thought I’d come and give you a break.” She giggled as she knew Karen was caught in her power, not taking her eyes off the pendant.Karen’s body gently swayed as she followed the pendant.