Old aim chat

10 Feb

It's odd, too, that away messages have disappeared: in a world where we'd all like to be a little less connected, a way to say "I'm here but not really" couldn't be more useful.None of this is to say you should still be using AIM, or that AOL shouldn't be killing it.

Old aim chat-47

We all learned that our away messages, which showed up near our names on friends' buddy lists when we were technically online but not at the computer (back when that wasn't the way all things were all the time), conformed to their own code.Active Buddy changed its name to Colloquis and prospered selling a superior automated customer service SAS offering to large companies (Comcast, Time Warner, Cingular, Vonage among others).Microsoft acquired Colloquis in 2007 and proceeded to de-commission Smarter Child and kill off the Automated Service Agent business as well.Frankly the news is a long time coming: AIM's been a ghost town for a decade, long since replaced by Facebook and Whats App and Skype and Snapchat and an entire generation of social products that evidently nobody at AOL ever saw coming or understood how to compete with.It's easy to forget now, but for a brief moment at the turn of the century no internet company was cooler than AOL.