Overcoming social anxiety dating

10 Feb

Social anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses, but it’s still poorly understood outside of scientific circles.

The good news is that it’s highly treatable, according to Stefan G.

It’s possible it could happen, depending on the level of social anxiety you’re experiencing, but it’s still not ideal if you can’t hold eye contact let alone a conversation. I shouldn’t really have to point out the obvious but dating is just one of the reasons to deal with social anxiety or shyness.

Not to mention every time something goes wrong it’s just subliminally reinforcing the whole thing for the lower level of your brain and making it worse in the long run. It’ll hold you back in your romantic life of course but also your business and social life.

the fact that social anxiety and shyness are not necessarily the same, although I have both.

Now I at least have the knowledge that I have to be open and will strive to get better.

Recognizing Social Anxiety Tackling Fears Using A List Method Practicing Social Anxiety Skills Changing Your Mentality Using Good Social Skills Putting Yourself Out There Community Q&A You want to meet people, make friends, and share yourself with the world, but social interactions can be especially intimidating for people who struggle with social anxiety.

While many people feel nervous before a presentation or speaking event, social anxiety interferes with your normal routine and causes tremendous distress on a regular basis.

The problem dating with social anxiety is really the same problem as some people have with even just having a social life with people of the same gender/orientation. It believes that girl is socially superior and automatically puts you on the defensive.It’s a feature of our brain we really don’t need in this modern day and age and a reminder of one of our baser instincts. But because it doesn’t understand logic and reason it’s going to continue to happen.In fact the more you get into that situation the more your brain is going to register a threat and try to panic to get you out of that situation as often as possible.Social anxiety and dating is hard so it won’t be easy on them either but if they’ve managed to find it that far then it’s likely it’s not too severe and could be easily beaten.People today might not actually be avoiding social interaction any more than they did in past decades, but they’re certainly more vocal about it.