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25 Dec

Helicopter Mom, Tiger Mom, and Snowplow Mom are the buzz words you hear when someone is trying to describe an overprotective parent.

And, based on these terms, it seems like moms are the ones who get a bad rap for butting in and taking over our kids' lives.

As the game kicked off my boy’s team was on fire, a few minutes into the game my son performed a daring tackle and took one lady’s son to the ground. At this point she came flying at him and I had to intervene. The children must be perfect and then the world will think that my life is too.

I am sure that you could hear her cries in the surrounding three counties as she screamed, “Ref! She found herself looking up at a very annoyed 5ft 11 mother that was more than willing to take her down in the same way that her son had been taken down over and over that morning. And a child that tackles my son and makes him look bad is a reflection on me. Sign your child up for chess, music lessons or ballet. These children are getting to the age where they are taking their sport very seriously.

But they aren't the only ones who can become overly involved in our children's day-to-day affairs.

There are dads who helicopter, tiger parent, and snowplow, too.

Part of it is his fear that the bus can get into an accident, but, mostly he's concerned about what he's heard happens on the bus.

Even if you have no reason for your child to ride the bus, it's practical to teach them how to be safe on the school bus and maybe even let them ride it once or twice to learn the ropes just in case you ever have car trouble or an emergency that doesn't allow you to arrive to school on time., there is a growing movement of parents banning sleepovers, due in part to reports about molestations occurring during slumber parties.

on a Saturday.) But there are some overprotective dads who won't allow their teens to drive, and it's not about the car insurance or buying them a new car.

The boys watch the older players and try to emulate them.

The last thing that any 14/15 year boy old wants is their Mum standing at the sidelines identifying him as an easy target after he’d already been humiliated.

According to Livestrong, "allowing teens to drive provides them with independence and the ability to have more control over where they go, with whom and for how long." Not to mention teaching your teen to drive while he is still at an age where you can impose rules and restrictions, will give him the practice and confidence he will need when he is driving on his own.

Your teens curfew should be determined depending on their responsibility, their age, and local laws.