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16 Apr

However, his confession was not believed to be credible. The Freemans and Lauria were recently featured on cold case playing cards in hopes of generating new tips about the case. No trace of Lauria Bible or Ashley Freeman has ever been found. Suspects: The Freemans have had an outstanding feud with the Craig County Sheriff’s department over their son, Shane, who had been shot and killed by a deputy after the theft of a neighbor’s truck and rifle. An informant suggested that the murders and abduction were drug-related.Ashley Freeman's boyfriend Jeremy Hurst was not a suspect in the disappearance of his girlfriend Ashley Freeman and/or her best friend Lauria Bible.It also led police to rule out robbery as a motive since the money was left behind.There were no suspects in the case, but three months before his death, Danny had told his brother Dwayne Vancil that should anything happen to him, to look into the Craig County Sheriff's Department.

Another theory speculated that Danny Freeman was a small-time drug trafficker.The alleged feud between the department and the Freemans began when Danny's son, Shane, was shot and killed by a deputy after he stole a truck and a neighbor's gun.Although the shooting was ruled justifiable, Danny was planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the department just before the tragic fire.The body was identified as Danny Freeman; he had also been shot to death at close range with a shotgun.Ashley and Lauria weren't among Danny Freeman's remains, nor were they anywhere in the vicinity.