Paul mccartney dating news

05 Jan

It is not clear which of her close family were at the dinner.Miss Shevell's son Arlen Blakeman, a university undergraudate, flew in from the US on Friday, according to an update yesterday on his Facebook page, and is due to return home on Monday.Miss Shevell, 51, is independently wealthy, being heir to a haulage firm run by her father which is valued at £250 million.Although she is 18 years younger than Sir Paul, the age gap is less than the quarter of a century which separated Sir Paul from Miss Mills.

According to the Daily Mirror, Stella Mc Cartney has played a role not only with the dress but also putting together the dinner menu.

Miss Shevell's cousin is Barbara Walters, 82, the veteran US broadcaster, who took to the social network site twitter on Friday to declare: "going away for a big weekend.

Will tell you more when I get back." In doing so she triggered the intense speculation that the wedding will be today, a suggestion backed up by the flurry of activity at Sir Paul's home.

Sir Paul is a long-standing vegetarian and the meal being served to guests is strictly meat-free and largely organic.

A source, described as close to the star, told the newspaper: "the wedding is in keeping with the way Paul and Nancy have conducted their entire relationship - low-key, understated and fuelled by goodwill.