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SLASH HP/LVTMRA year after the final battle, select death eaters are given the chance to complete a "redemption program" where they must live without magic for six months under supervision. After the war, Harry thinks he can finally concentrate on comforting his friends and mourning the dead. Will he reach out to his best friend’s family when he needs it most or will he accept his cruel fate? Now he is eleven again, nothing is going the same as before, and people are starting to ask questions, especially the Malfoys, the Hogwarts professors and, most worryingly, Mad-Eye Moody. Epilogue compliant, mentions of canon pairings, mostly slash. Takes place post war during 7th y Through a series of emails from an online dating site, Harry thinks he's found his perfect match.

Harry is assigned to watch over a mysterious dark wizard who has been locked up in a secret cell at the Ministry since the battle. Harry, trapped with the Dursleys by Dumbledore over Christmas break, finds a snake out in the cold. But enemies become friends, the dead come back to life, and his life refuses to be simple. Yes, the old Snape retrieves Harry from the Dursleys formula. Everything changes, because the best revenge is living well. Harry is beginning to suspect that he might not be up to this Master of Death business and everything that goes along with it. H/D, AS/S, James II/ Teddy, George/Lee Immortal Harry, after watching friends and family die over thousands of years, only wants to join his loved ones in death. However, Draco creates a Harry voodoo doll and uses it to show the other boy how love and hate can be easily confused. Will the bond they've forged survive after their identities are revealed? Warnings for slash, language and explicit sexual content. The Dursleys are killed when Harry is 5 and he is rescued by an unlikely hero and believed dead.

Over the years, Harry and Snape's relationship grows; now with an alternative Snarry ending. What if Harry had been rescued from the Dursleys at age six and raised as the heir of the Noble and Most Ancient, etc.? As Harry begins his fall from the Light, fighting desperately all the way, Draco is happy to take advantage. COMPLETE After being turned into a snake and unable to change back, Lord Voldemort is forced to turn to the only other living Parselmouth, Harry Potter. Dumbledore wouldn't rid the world of his pet, but if Voldemort would, then Harry would be happy to do anything the Dark Lord asked of him. Harry Potter is the BWL and by some twist of Fate he was also the reincarnation of Voldemort's murdered lover. When Pigwidgeon develops a crush on Draco Malfoy's owl, it's up to Harry to retrieve the lovelorn animal. Harry should probably do something about keeping Pig contained... Harry returns to Privet Drive after 4th year and finds it...empty! H/OFC.ºHPTR / HPLVº With maturity comes understanding, and Harry understands just fine. Harry After a long life, Harry Potter returns to his personal crossroad between life and death, King’s Cross Station, and to what’s waiting for him there. The only question is whether he'll change him mind about one of them in the end. Draco wants only the best in magical snakes for his son, and that means turning to serpent-breeder Harry Potter. His choices will change everything, especially himself. AU/Time-Tra In a freak accident, during the ultimate battle, 21 year old Harry is send back through time and space to that fateful day on Halloween.

After making a deal, Harry agrees to help the Dark Lord return to his human form. After Dumbledore's death, Harry searches for answers in the Pensieve. Trapped inside a memory, Harry finds himself at Hogwarts in 1945 where an 18 year old Tom Riddle is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. Plagued by memories of his past life and smarter than before everything is about to change. AUHPRW, A car accident leads to some unexpected revelations that Harry has long tried to keep secret. Instead of killing Harry, he wants something else from the Boy Who Lived. YAOI /light bashing/warnings inside / D/s, BDSMIn the station between Life and Death Harry makes a different choice. Chapter 17 contains the full story: edited, updated and with more letters. This is being turned into an amazing comic by ile-o on Deviantart. What do you do when you can't go to your friends for help? After ten years in training, Harry returns to the moment he left…with a whole new plan for himself. Warnings: Character Death, Rated M though not more implied than explicit, and SLASH male/male – HP/LVHow does Harry react when he finds out the truth behind all of Dumbledore's secrets from Voldemort? Harry, who thought he had settled his grudges with Malfoy long ago, is startled by the way he responds. UNDER CONSTRUCTION- NEW EDITS Follows DH up to the final Battle. This is the story about Harry’s desperate fight against Fate to save his friends and this new world he is now in. It's possible they don't quite fit the frame the wizarding world tends to accept.

Find it here: Rebirth1-2Prince is translating Rebirth into Russian.

You can find it here - and here: Midnightesse is translating Descent into Darkness in Polish.

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If someone else out there is using ideas I came up with in any of my stories... Come across a story that uses the same Light Lord, Dark Lord thing from Breeding Darkness? org / users / Athy I've also made an account on adultfanfiction under the penname Athey. LV/HPAt 30 years old, Harry doesn't have the life he'd always dreamed would come after defeating Voldemort. Harry must face the Galaxy and try to rebuild the strength of the Great Races while caring for his twin brother who has their destiny on Earth on his shoulders.

But,as fate has it, they are now in the middle of a war with Grindelwald and eleven again! Blaise doses Draco with a love potion and he of course is all over Harry, and after Harry fixes it Blaise does it again. SLASH HP/LV-TAfter Voldemort is gone, Harry struggles to find himself in a world with too many expectations. This is the promised prequel, explaining how Nana & the Uncles came to care for Harry.

He just wants to be happy, is that too much to ask? Be warned: more sad, less funny, since it deals with the aftermath of the Potters' deaths. He's terrified of failure and he cant fix the vanishing cabinet.

jpg Floorplan for Morhda Abbey for Breeding Darkness - athey. But since when have his wishes ever counted for anything? Voldemort has returned, and before too long Harry's marriage may determine the world's fate.

jpg Click here to download the PDF version of Descent Into Darkness - http : // athey.comyr. Now he's done with both sides of the war and wants to be left alone. But marriage to Snape is only the beginning of Harry's problems.