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07 Dec

The Liver Building can be seen just to the right of centre, and the River Mersey is just visible to the left of the photograph.The heaviest raids on Manchester took place on consecutive nights on 22-23 and 23-24 December.German bombers had targeted its docks at Avonmouth and its aircraft factories on the outskirts of the city.But on 24 November the city was hit by an air raid of much greater ferocity than those that had come before.

Deansgate and Oxford Road were blocked with debris and unexploded bombs.

This is how the Blitz affected towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

Coventry, an important engineering and armaments producing centre, was raided on 14-15 November 1940. Almost one third of the city's houses were made uninhabitable and 35% of its shops destroyed.

London was then bombed for 57 consecutive nights, and often during daytime too.

London experienced regular attacks and on 10- was hit by its biggest raid.