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15 Dec

So really I think nudists might wait longer to have sex.

Sometimes preteens and teenagers get excited because they wonder what the boy or the girl they like looks like naked. And that can make it really exciting, too exciting!

Really people stare at you more when you're wearing a bikini than when you're naked! I rode with some friends in the World Nude Bike Ride which was really fun. If you don’t want someone to hug you and aren’t sure how to say no, just put out your hand for a handshake! Nudists don’t usually sit on each other’s laps except that some Mommys and Daddys let their little kids do it.

It’s an international event that’s held to raise awareness of pollution problems and with saving the earth. I went to some nude Wiccan ceremonies and even helped with a pagan nudist handfastening! Some rub each other’s backs and put on sunscreen just like people wearing bathing suits do! lol But usually people take care of their own private parts and do that before they get to a nudist event.

Aren't nudist beaches and camps dangerous for children, preteens and teenagers? I think they could tell from how I acted that I was a beginner, so they were just being friendly.

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But they’ll let you know that on their websites or in their brochures.

If it says it’s only for age 18 or older that’s a clue!

But some nudist places are only for adults even though they aren’t about sex.

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