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16 Feb

Every part of the IEP is reviewed, progress is reported, and goals and accommodations are renewed.Parents need to sign the IEP for it to continue to go into effect.They may provide you with paperwork to allow you to access a related service provider at a nearby clinic or in your home, they may provide transportation to a school that is slightly further, and in rare cases, they will provide reimbursement or a voucher for a nearby special education private school.Once a year, the IEP is reviewed and parents or guardians are invited to attend the conference that summaries the progress made as well as the remaining goals.

The IDEA, initially enacted in 1975, provides for special education and related services for children with disabilities who need such education and services by reason of their disabilities.

IDEA is a federal law, thus states are required to provide at least as much as that law dictates.

States differ in what additional services they can and do provide.

For example, some states have vouchers or scholarship programs specifically for students with disabilities, and New York State is currently in talks about easing reimbursement for special education private schools.

When students graduate from high school or reach age 21, their rights under the IDEA come to an end.