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15 Dec

i OS 11.2.5 is the latest stable build, and should clear up many problems experienced in earlier builds of i OS 11.For anyone feeling bold and adventurous, the i OS 11.3 beta is out now, offering a chance for intrepid users to leave i OS 11.2 in the past and be the first to confront the i OS 11.3 problems that are likely to crop up.If you can't get to a computer with i Tunes you could visit an Apple Store and ask someone there to connect your device.

The i OS 9.3 update should then display, enabling you to update through i Tunes.

Apple’s i OS 11 may have a few months behind it now, but there’s no doubt i Phone and i Pad users are still running into occasional trouble with it.

Fortunately, many i OS 11 problems can be resolved with a simple update.

If that doesn't work, plug your device into a power socket and let it charge for around 15 minutes.

After it's charged, reset the device again and hopefully it'll return to a working state.