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27 Mar

Authorities found the scorched remains but could not identify the victim, and buried the body in a pauper's grave.But then Rachid - to raise money to pay off the hit man - took part in the holdup of a black market money changer, and accidentally left her purse behind, investigators say.Any disclosure made to these agencies is done so in accordance with Your information may also be used or disclosed for the purpose of locating you in order to collect a debt you owe to the City or to make a payment owing to you by the City.

Then, on April 1 - the day he was scheduled to return to California - they hired Evandro Celso Augusto Ribeiro for ,600 to help kill him and set fire to the corpse, according to investigators.

We do not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent unless disclosure is authorized by legislation, required by law or for the purposes of criminal investigation.

At times other government organizations such as Sask Power, Sask Energy, Provincial Ministries, or Statistics Canada may require personal information or information verification from the City in order to register you for services, confirm eligibility or for statistical purposes.

Instead, say Brazilian authorities, he was drugged and held captive for six days while his fiancee and her real boyfriend emptied his bank accounts.

Investigators say they then drove the 56-year-old victim to a vacant lot, where he was strangled with copper wire, doused with fuel, and set on fire.