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09 Mar

Also in Brooklyn, Jin Moon, the stage manager at a local nightclub called Union Hall, had been talking with a co-worker about Chatroulette and whether they might find a way to fold it into some kind of public event.

It wasn't hard to convince the Union Hall brass to run with the experiment and not long ago, Moon inaugurated Chatroulette night. We saw a lot of penises." Moon also said that a number of the people that showed up through Chatroulette were from countries like Spain, France, and Brazil and who didn't speak English.

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An improvisational piano player known as Merton has inspired millions to watch videos of him serenading random strangers on Chatroulette. For about two months now, people all over the world have been flocking to the site, which offers little more than a way to connect to random strangers on the other end of a Web cam.

"There's a lot of people out there playing a game within a game...[and my friends and I] share the experience, in our giggles, our screams and our reactions.

It's that anticipation of clicking through each different person on their Webcam, and that build up and sharing that with somebody else is really exciting." Chatroulette Bingo For aficionados of small club concerts, a parlor game called Hipster Bingo has been making the rounds for some time.

Even the famous musician Ben Folds has now gotten into the mix, and the site first known as a place for men to get their jollies is now inspiring a wide variety of creativity. Unknown piano players and rock stars alike can use it to serenade strangers. And you can even sell a nightclub's worth of tickets for an evening spent experimenting with it. Built by a Russian high school student, the site launched in November but became the latest online addiction sometime in February after thousands of people discovered how easy it was to spend hours seeing what other people staring at Webcams were doing.

Many people, of course, were both repelled and compelled by viral tales of men exposing themselves to the world at large.