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26 Dec

This young lion had a gob of undigested goat meat and black goat hair inside it.The hundreds of necropsies that have occurred in the 27 years since Proposition 117’s passage have provided scientists with important data about the overall health of California’s mountain lion population.

But on Thanksgiving weekend, the cougar once again got into her alpaca pen and massacred 10 more animals in a single night.

The cat on the Queens’ stainless steel table that day was a male still young enough to have traces of spots on his legs.

At a little over a year old, he weighed an impressive 90 pounds.

Californians voted to ban hunting of mountain lions back in 1990, but that hasn’t stopped scores of lions from being killed in the state every year through such permits, which are issued as a matter of course when a lion has attacked a domestic animal.

Since Proposition 117 passed, an average of 98 mountain lions have been killed each year with depredation permits – nearly four times the average number of lions killed each year under such permits prior to the ballot measure, according to a Sacramento Bee analysis of state records.