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26 Dec

Healthy and sporting a long tail with the girth of a barrel of a baseball bat, the dead cat had preyed on an Oroville man’s goats a few weeks earlier. This cat was typical of those the Queens necropsy after a depredation case.

They say the pumas that kill pets or livestock tend to be young males, and they’re usually healthy.

Vaughn and her neighbors in the rugged mountains behind Malibu’s beaches blame this single lion for wiping out more than 100 goats, alpacas, sheep and other animals, sometimes dozens at a time.

He rarely ate anything from their corpses, instead leaving them to rot in their pens.

The Queens see their job as critically important, and one in which they’re emotionally invested.

All of the Queens have shed tears at one point or another during a mountain lion necropsy, they say.

It’s why she started raising alpacas for wool for her weaving projects in the first place.In several of the reports reviewed by The Bee, cougars were killed after going on rampages inside livestock pens, similar to P-45’s Malibu massacres.Workers at a winery in San Luis Obispo County in 2015 found 16 Barbados sheep and four Boer goats that a mountain lion had killed but not eaten.You can feel it.” When there’s a lion around, Vaughan said she’s now taken to sleeping in the barn.“I sleep with a shotgun,” she said, to protect the animals she considers part of her family.