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20 Jan

The immediacy and impersonal nature of the web turns infidelity into a kind of marital incision: if you want to cheat, you can do it quickly and tidily. According to David Frederick, a professor of health psychology at Chapman University in California and lead researcher on a 2007 infidelity study, while unfaithful men "were looking for sexual variety and excitement", women were more likely to cheat out of emotional frustration and "fall in love with someone else or to look for reassurance that they were still desirable", says Frederick.This is the thread running through these new infidelity TV dramas and it rings brutally true.

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If the lure of new sex is greater than the boringly familiar?

The National Opinion Research Centre in the United States found that the number of wives who admit to cheating has risen by 40 per cent, compared with 20 years ago.

And a Canadian study by the University of Guelph says that a woman is 2.6 times more likely than a man to stray if she's unhappy in her marriage.

Opportunity is also greater than in previous generations. That's what I get for doing it: I am guilty for the rest of my life." But she will never tell him. She and I made a vow to carry this fact with us to the grave.

The internet makes it easier to find other interested parties. She didn't cheat to hurt him but because she wanted to feel alive again.