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13 Jan

HP won’t support you if you want to revert versions, though it should be possible by performing a Factory Reset with your original Server Recovery disk, which erases all the disks in your server.

For owners of the EX470 or EX475 there are a number of changes, almost all of which should be considered positive improvements, with possibly one contentious change being the replacement of the Webshare feature by the new Photo Viewer.

Start by inserting the Server Recovery DVD into your client PC, and following the onscreen instructions.

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This process replaces the Windows Home Server operating system on the System Drive of your server with an updated version that includes the HP 3.0 software.

Getting the Update Disks If you’re still reading and have decided to perform the update, the next step is to head over to, enter your product model number in the “Support and Drivers” section.

Then follow the path for your Media Smart Server model number to order the upgrades.

The 2.5 version of the software on the EX485 and EX487 is much more similar to 3.0, and all the changes can be considered improvements so the decision should be more simple.

If you value the improved performance of the Media Collector and Video Converter, the advanced Mac backup solution, plus the redesigned user interface, then this update will likely appeal to you.