Sara and tegan dating

17 Apr

I met up with noted reality TV fans (and indie-pop stars) Tegan and Sara Quin at SUR to discuss ? Like the fantasy date at the end where they clearly have sex but can't talk about it. Molly: I enjoy it as a group psychology experiment. Molly: They're all the perfect level of wanting to be famous. Every time they come onscreen, everyone at my party laughs. Sara: When my girlfriend and I started dating, one of my her prerequisites for moving in with me was that I had to get cable so that we could watch Bravo. " to "That is the stupidest show." I love participating in things that aren't just universally loved or hated. Tegan: We were out on tour when I was [binge-watching reality tv], and one of my questions is, is it sad to sit and watch this TV alone? We're doing with friends, and it's my first time watching it. Tegan: I get really hung up thinking about what people watching it are feeling and experiencing. You really understand why people get so crazy in confined quarters competing for something they can't all have. Like, they all want to be reality TV stars, so you don't feel like they're being exploited. The other funniest thing is listing people as "unemployed." Like why did they do that to that poor girl?! Molly: But you're the is the best." Sara: I'm all for absorbing and analyzing things that a lot of people like. At first I was very judgmental about it, but the truth is that I've really enjoyed getting back into reality TV. I find it much more reflective of the world I know in L. When I told people what I was doing tonight, there was a wide spectrum of responses. Molly: I've done other reality shows, but I didn't understand. Friends of mine were like, Oh, you should come over and join us for the show, and I was like, "This is my time! I said, "Oh, I'll try it once," and then it was so fun to watch with other people. I brought a big container of these plastic diamond rings that have a strobe light in them so when you push on them they flash. Tegan: But why does every single person on the show not understand the premise of the show and just cry the whole time that they have to go on group dates? This is exactly what they want — to have their personal lives on TV. Molly: Oh, my god, Olivia – the one who is like, "I wanted to be a newscaster and then I gave up on my dream because this is more important to me." Girl, be a newscaster! I just have to feel like there's going to be something valuable or cerebral to take away from it, you know? Sara: For me, I have a really hard time being critical or negative about things, especially publicly. A.: They're all struggling, and they're musicians, and they have dogs that get groomed by someone I know. I was like, why would anybody watch this show that's obviously going to be really staged about, like, the waiters at a restaurant – and then everybody I knew was watching it and I was like, well, I want to know what everybody else I know is talking about, and so I started watching it and then I couldn't stop. " I've finally been invited into a — what is it called? We had to pause it so many times because everyone talks through the whole thing. And I suggested if you like what's happening onscreen, as a way to quiet yourself, you could press the button. Tegan: The people who choose to be on reality television, they truly are doing their dream, even if they're embarrassed. Tegan: The scene where she talks about how the other girls were making fun of her feet, and the camera does all the cutaways to her feet buried in the sand?! Tegan thinks it's funny because she thinks she's the friendly one. Molly: I don't just love to participate in everything. Molly: Did you see the episode where they were swimming with the pigs? When I was watching "The Women Tell All" [the late-season episode in which eliminated contestants discuss their experiences] the other night, I was thinking “they're embarrassed”, but they're also totally excited to get another moment to be there to talk about themselves. Tegan: At first I really liked Jamie, and I also really like Jubilee. Sara: The episode where they kick [Olivia] off, where [ Ben] dumps her. OK, she's friendlier, but it doesn't mean anything but that she has lowered expectations. They were both kind of funny, and they had attitude. There's the storm, and her face is just so dewy and wet. Sara: When they zoom away they make it look as if she's literally been left on the island alone, and they just get further and further away. Where they keep going further and further until they get to the International Space Station and you know that that girl is still on that island? With the twins, did you ever think, “That's not fair to reduce them to being a unit”? Tegan and Sara (Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin) (born September 19 1980, identical twins) are Canadian singer-songwriters.

"As I've gotten older, because I'm queer and because it's suddenly really apparent how deeply unfair it was that gay people couldn't get married, I've had to reassess my feelings about marriage," she said, adding her family didn't put much emphasis on the status.They will begin the tour spanning Canada and the United States in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada in early September.The tour, which will also have a few Australia, United Kingdom and Asia dates, will close in mid-November in Florida.Women do nfeel comfortable to do that, I would never... Tegan: Oh, so because they're not expensive, their life is worth nothing?