Sedating cats for travel

11 May

You can then cover it with a towel or your cat’s favorite blanket and toys.

Cats that are used to freely roaming and not used to being transported may throw a “Talk to the paw” up at the new carrier.

Ensure proper ventilation is available on all sides of the crate with sufficient holes, mesh or a gate.

Line the bottom of the carrier with an absorbent material in case of accidents.

The comfort and resources available within the carrier can make or break a trip when it comes to your cat’s comfort.

Choose a carrier that allows your cat to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably at a minimum.

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If you need to head out on the road and plan to bring Mister Floofikins, there are some car travel tips you can review.Make sure the food and water is separate from the litter pan as most cats will protest if they’re too close together.Some car trips will take you far from home, a state away or even across the country.Keeping the carrier inside with the door open will encourage your cat’s curiosity.Throw in a familiar material or some toys to entice Floofikins to check it out.