Setvalidating true

25 Mar

This example also provides xml parsing error information, including the line number and xml parsing error message. The requests submitted to STAF and the results received from STAF are all strings.

These strings may contain any arbitrary set of characters, including the NULL (i.e., 0) character.

All of STAF services currently provided are written in C /Java so they do not have this problem.

However, if you send, for example, a request to log data containing Japanese codepage specific characters to any system and then query the log from a system using a US English codepage, you won't get the "correct" data, as that is not a valid "round trip".

Note: All STAF generated strings are composed of only ASCII-7 characters and will safely survive the translation from/to different codepages.

Also, you must have the following 2 lines in your VMWare image's file: On CLIHLT = "TRUE" At Power Off = "TRUE" Note that you should avoid terminating any blocks that are running a VMWare image, as that will kill the VMWare image without it being shutdown.

Instead, you should manually shutdown and power off the VMWare image, or call the "terminatevmware" [not yet implemented] function.